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Dog Guide Users of New Hampshire

Meetings and Events


Each year, the Dog Guide Users of New Hampshire (DGUNH) holds three to four general meetings (which includes an annual meeting) plus a Christmas party. Anyone who might be interested in getting a dog guide or service dog is welcome to attend the meetings and learn about what is involved in becoming a service dog user. The Dutch-treat lunch meetings are held at the Red Blazer opens in a new window Restaurant in Concord, NH. The meetings are held on Saturdays from 1:00 to 3:30 PM. Regularly, speakers are brought in to address concerns members might have with their dogs. There is always time for discussion on various dog-related topics anyone might want to bring up. Puppy raisers come regularly to the meetings and are a vital part of the membership.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting takes place in April and the agenda includes electing Board of Director or Officer positions and delivering the annual report to the membership.

Special Meetings

Special meetings of the membership may be called by the President or elected officers or by written request of five (5) current members of DGUNH.

Meeting Attendance and RSVP

Approximately one month before a planned meeting, an announcement is posted to the group’s list-serve along with proposed agendas. In order for the restaurant to properly configure the meeting room, it is desired that all attendees RSVP. Members can do this by simply replying to the posted meeting announcement. Non-members can send an RSVP email to the DGUNH president.

2019 Meeting Schedule

January 2018 General Meeting Summary

President Carol Holmes with dog guide Lyric, Vice President Larry Ashford with dog guide Quentin and Takashi Nakaya.If you missed The January, 2018 general meeting, you missed a fascinating overview of dog guide use in Japan. Takashi Nakaya, our special guest speaker, detailed puppy raising, training for both guides and users, and guide dog discrimination in Japan. Takashi provided travel tips and suggestions for assistance for guide dog users who will be travelling to Japan. In addition, Takashi brought signs, gloves, keychains and light-up collars from Japanese guide dog organizations, which were raffled off to meeting attendees.


Reading of Proclamation

Governor Chris Sununu shaking the hand of David Morgan, President & CEO of future in Sight (formerly known as The New Hampshire Association for the Blind).  White cane and dog guide users are in the background.A small group of consumers and advocates gather monthly to identify events that will inform and educate. This culminated on October 25, 2017 with a personal reading of the proclamation from Governor Chris Sununu where he recognized October as "White Cane and Dog Guide Users Awareness Month." The Proclamation was read to an audience prior to the Governor and Council meeting. It took place at 10:00 AM in the council chambers at the State House in Concord.

Squam Lake Pontoon Boat Tour

A six-month old puppy in training as it enjoys a pontoon boat tour of Squam Lake.About forty dog guide handlers, puppy raisers and four-legged counterparts gathered together on September 10, 2017 at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in Holderness, NH. We enjoyed a descriptive cruise of Squam Lake on two pontoon boats, and then some gathered for lunch afterward at Walter’s Basin. Beautiful weather and a great time was enjoyed by all. It was a great chance for Puppy Raisers to be motivated about their goals in training and also for Dog Guide Handlers to be reminded about all of the hard work that helps to form their dog guides.
The boat captains regaled attendees with historic facts about the area and its wildlife. Most notable is that the Movie 'On Golden Pond,' starring Henry Fonda was partially filmed on Squam Lake.